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Angus McDowell

McDowell CPA PC provides US tax and business advice to foreign businesses entering and in the US market. Also, to American businesses and individuals overseas. We aim to bridge the gap between differing systems and cultures and provide expertise and savings in those areas. We are based in  New York.

Angus McDowell was born in England and has lived and / or worked in England, Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland and USA.

He is a member of professional and commercial associations in England and the USA and has close professional and personal links to Denmark






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Links To Related Information

Links to Related Information
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Current Commentary

US Expatriate -  Foreign Earned Income Exclusion  

Foreign "Bank" Account & International Transportation of "Currency" Reporting
US individuals and entities are required to file certain details with the US Department of the Treasury / Customs. Given the current "War of Terrorism" it has been stated that non-compliance may result in penalties.

Foreign "Bank" Account Reporting  FBAR Filers
The US has tightened the rules for reporting of foreign bank account.

IRS Voluntary Disclosure Practice
Revised IRS Voluntary Disclosure Practice See rules for voluntary disclosure of unreported income.

Continued War or Peace - Financial Planning
Some items to consider for American Expats

Audit Reform
Some ideas for change.

McDowell CPA PC

McDowell CPA PC
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